About Us

Krue is a Premium Activewear brand that focusses on high quality, comfortable products that raise your style quotient. We believe that well – fitted clothes can make you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re confident.

Krue is a subsidiary of Satti Apparels and was established in 2021. With our in-house facility for design, research, development, and manufacturing, we are able to serve you high quality and best-in-class products.

Ludhiana is considered the Manchester of India, a hosiery hub where technology resides. And that’s what we utilize and bring to you - experience, technology and international quality at affordable prices.

our vision

We want everyone to take little time for themselves and focus on staying fit and happy. We equip you with the right apparel to go to the gym, do some meditation, yoga or morning walk, so that you feel good about yourself. But everyone is hustling and fighting their inner demons. And that’s where KRUE comes into picture to help you conquer the world with KRUE confidence.

  • Stay Fit
  • Stay Stylish
  • Stay Confident
  • Stay Comfortable

our Mission

Krue means a gift of God. We believe that every person is a gift of God and should stay fit, healthy and happy. Our mission is to bring a new wave of fitness where people prioritize their health over everything else. We want to instill a sense of style and confidence in everyone and make KRUE a synonym of activewear.


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